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November 18th, 2017 5:00 PM
Rock-Fest IV

Featured Artist at The Yost

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Gone Avery is a REALLY tight band with some catchy songs

Tbone Willy of Save Ferris

"They are a great new band that are a lot of fun to watch live"

LP of Yellowcard

Sharing the stage with legends such as Richie Ramone of The Ramones, alternative rock band Gone Avery has begun to make their mark on the West Coast music scene. With shows at historic venues such as The House of Blues and The Roxy, the four-man group has built a passionate fan base and an even greater collection of original content.

Following the release of their album, The Sounds are Alive, they have gone to play with genre greats such as, The Ataris, Hawthorne Heights and Unwritten Law, All Time Low, Set Your Goals and Shiny Toy Guns. Gone Avery looks to provide the pop-rock genre with a fresh sound that will captivate music listeners. Through their melodious guitar riffs and authenticity, the industry can expect to see significant work from Gone Avery.

The fan base is all ages but mainly is made up of 15-25-year-olds with crowds of up to 350+. You can find their new music on many popular music platforms including iHeartRadio, Spotify, Itunes, and more.

I love the energey of Gone Avery. Great melodies, and a driving beat with sweet drumming. Maybe a little 80’s rock influence too but it just sounds like fun. Can’t wait to see them live!

John Mahon Percussion/Vocals/Drums for The Elton John Band

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